(Half Sleeve and Full Sleeve Work)

Samoan SleeveLower Arm Sleeve with Roses, Music, Cross and Rosary BeadsFull Sleve with Roses Cross and LetteringOld School SleeveOriental Full Sleeve with Phoenix and Dragonmaori leg design - amazing geometry
Full Black and Grey Sleeve with Skulls & RosesSamoan Leg SleeveGeometric maori influenced sleeve on upper armSamoan SleeveReligious half sleeve by BradSleeve of skulls
Oriental Fish Sleeve in Black and GreyFull Sleeve with Roses, Stars and LetteringOriental SleevePolynesian SleeveCool colourful sleeveTiger half sleeve
Tribal SLeeveFull Sleeve with skulls pentagrams and knightsA tribal top sleeve enfused with an oriental backgroundBlack and Grey Sleeve with cross, doves and rosesOriental Sleeve - Japanese Clouds, Lotus and SamuraiAn oriental sleeve with Koi, Snakes and Hanya Mask
Black and Grey Sleeve with Roses and Pocket WatchSkull and Rose on lower armFull Sleeve with skulls, skeletons, cards and starsSkull and roses sleeveColourful SleeveBlack and Grey Sleeve with Doves, Roses and a Cross
Black and Grey Full Sleeve with Skulls, Vikings, Panther and RosesSamoan SleeveBlack and Grey Full SleeveBlack and Grey Oriental Sleeve

Feedback from one of our customers;

Well Ive had more tattoos done at gb's including a back piece and a cover up all done by Jimmy I now and have even started my piercing apprentiship with Vicki here and I must say to work with all the team is really good they are all just a friendly as if I was a customer :)
Simply the best - 23rd April 2009 (Facebook)