Piercing Gallery
(Piercings by Kat)

Microdermal on ChestHelix PiercingNose PiercingSmiley PiercingSmiley PiercingAnti-tragus
Navel PiercingConch PiercingNavel PiercingRook PiercingLeft Nostril PiercingRook Piercing
Forward Helix PiercingLower Helix PiercingCentral Lip PiercingHelix PiercingCentral Lip PiercingSmiley Piercing
Snug PiercingRight Nostril PiercingHelix and Tragus PiercingsRook PiercingSkindiver on FaceTragus Piercing
Scaffold Piercing

Feedback from one of our customers;

Well Ive had more tattoos done at gb's including a back piece and a cover up all done by Jimmy I now and have even started my piercing apprentiship with Vicki here and I must say to work with all the team is really good they are all just a friendly as if I was a customer :)
Simply the best - 23rd April 2009 (Facebook)