We are pleased to be able to offer a full, professional piercing service. Kat is our piercer. They are both fully trained and licensed with Bexley Council.

They will offer advice before, during and after all piercings and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want your experience within our studio to be as pleasant as possible and this extends to the piercing room aswell.

We pierce in top quality titanium which is used by surgeons for injuries in car accidents. We prefer to use titanium over other metals as it is extremely rare to have an allergy to this type of metal.

Continuing check-ups are available when required and free aftercare advice is given to all clients.

We also have a wide range of jewellery that you can browse and buy in the shop, or if you have something particular in mind and it is not in stock we can always order it for you.

The list of piercings we do and the prices are:
Eyebrow:25 Smiley:30
Helix:25 Snug:30
Nose:25 Tongue Web:30
Anti-Tragus:30 Tragus:30
Conch:30 Tongue:35
Daith:30 Navel:35 or 40
Forward Helix:30 Scaffold:40
Lip:30 Septum:40
Rook:30 Snakebites:50

The following piercings are for over 16's only and you must bring ID:
Skindivers: 30 for one, 50 for two

The following piercings are for over 18's only and you must bring ID:
Nipple: 30 for one, 50 for both
Microdermals: 40 for one, 70 for two

Note that there is a small charge of 5 for any jewellery changes/removal

Names a bit complicated or not sure on what you want? Here's a diagram of the ear piercings to help:

Ear Piercing Names