Professional Piercers

We are pleased to be able to offer a full, professional piercing service from Izzy, our professional piercers. They are both fully trained and licensed with Bexley Council.

They will offer advice before, during and after all piercings and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want your experience within our studio to be as pleasant as possible and this extends to the piercing room aswell.

We pierce in top quality titanium which is used by surgeons for injuries in car accidents. We prefer to use titanium over other metals as it is extremely rare to have an allergy to this type of metal.

Continuing check-ups are available when required and free aftercare advice is given to all clients.


We also have a wide range of jewellery that you can browse and buy in the shop, or if you have something particular in mind and it is not in stock we can always order it for you.
Lobe (gun – age 7+) - £10 each
Lobe (needle – age 12+) - £15 each
Helix - £25 / £30 (gem)
Auricle - £25 / £30 (gem)
Forward Helix - £30 / £35 (gem)
Tragus - £30 / £35 (gem)
Anti-Tragus - £30
Rook - £30
Conch / Outer - £30 / £35 (gem)
Daith - £30
Snug - £30
Scaffold - £40
Vertical Scaffold - £50
Orbital - £50

Navel / lower navel - £35 - £40
Horizontal Navel - £40 - £45
Nipple (18+ ONLY) - £30 for one / £50 for both
Skindivers (16+ ONLY) - £30 for one / £50 for two
Dermal Wheels (16+ ONLY) - £35 for one / £60 for two
Microdermals (18+ ONLY) - £40 for one / £70 for two

Nose - £25
Eyebrow - £25
Septum - £40

Smiley - £30
Tongue Web - £30
Lower Lip - £30
Medusa / Madonna / Monroe - £30
Tongue - £35
Vertical / Horizontal Labret / Jestrum - £40
Ashley - £40
Snakebites / Spiderbites / Angelbites / Cyberbites / Dolphinbites - £50

There is a charge of £5 for any jewellery changes or removal

The following piercings are for over 16's only and you must bring ID: Skindivers: £30 for one, £50 for two

The following piercings are for over 18's only and you must bring ID: Nipple: £30 for one, or £50 for both, and Microdermals: £40 for one, or £70 for two
Age restrictions
If you are under 16 you must have a parent present to have a piercing done. Whilst you can just pop by for a walk-in appointment, we do recommend calling first to ensure we have availabilty.

After Care


* Please clean your piercing 2 or 3 times (at LEAST twice) a day using a pinch of sea salt and half a mug of freshly boiled water which has been left to cool. Using a cotton bud, soak one end in the sea salt solution and use this to gently clean around the piercing. DO NOT use any other products unless directed to by your piercer, or a medical expert.


* NEVER remove the jewellery from your piercing without consulting your piercer and/or a medical expert, especially if you think it looks infected.

* It is NORMAL for your piercing to swell, and weep yellow pus for the duration of the healing.

* Try to avoid contact with shampoo / shower gel / perfume / body creams / aftershave / make-up / bath water. If you get anything in it, give it a good clean afterwards to prevent infection.

* DO NOT change the jewellery for at least 3 MONTHS. If it is still sore, leave it longer.

* Taking anti-inflammatory pain killers such as Ibuprofen can help bring the swelling down and ease any achy feelings of the new piercing.

* Navel / Nipple Piercing: Please clean as directed above. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing that doesn’t rub against the piercing for the duration of the healing time. Avoid submerging in bathwater – showering is preferable.

* Oral Piercings: Please rinse your mouth out with the sea salt solution 2-3 times per day until healed. Lip piercings also require cleaning around the outside. Avoid mouthwash during healing time, as well as hot / spicy food. Chew slowly when eating to avoid catching the jewellery on your teeth. You may experience some discomfort and swelling while eating to begin with but soft foods such as soup, mashed potato, rice, pasta and ice cream can be more comfortable to eat.

* Tongue piercings need to return a week after the piercing for a free change down of smaller, more comfortable jewellery *

If you have any worries or problems, please don’t hesitate to either call us, pop into the shop, or send us a message on facebook or instagram and we’ll be happy to help!


You cant better perfection, great shop, lovely staff, fantastic artwork and peircing, great tea and coffee, friendly happy, always made to feel welcome - have and will continue to sing praises at every opportunity - thanks all of you xx
Top quality people, couldn't do enough for you, thank you Brad for covering that dodgy water on my leg, and thank you luke for my wife's cracking tattoo on her shoulder, see you soon
Paul Stokes
Hope u don't mind me posting the pics of your fab work! I've had lots of positive comments already
Stacey Buble
Cheers Brad, im in love with my first tattoo
Jason Stephenson