• Finding a design
    GB Tattoo have thousands of designs available for customers, however we also appreciate that some of you want bespoke or custom artwork. All of our artists can provide consultancy (which is free if the tattoo is done) to help take a custom design and make it into a unique piece.

    If this is what you would like then what really helps the artists is not only a description of your idea, but a picture or sketch as well. To us a rough drawing is worth a thousand words, and feel free to print off images off the internet and bring them in if you can't draw, all is useful.

    By doing this you allow us to develop your idea better, faster and exactly to your liking.

    Below is a real customer's example of how the process works: This customer had a celtic design which was based on a symbol they saw on Flickr.
  • customer's thoughts
    The customer then modified what they saw to give their own interpretation and meaning to the piece, in effect to personalise it.

    We check spelling mistakes, and give advice on size, styles and fonts.
  • The consultancy
    Our tattoists, and in this example Brad, took this, and following a few questions in the consultancy process created this unique design that allowed the customer to visualise the size and placement, allowing them to be confident and happy at the start of the tattoing process.
  • The Tattoo
    The final tattoo came out like this... and we had another very happy customer